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“When one does not see what one does not see,  one does not even see that one is blind!”

The cited quote of Paul Veyne is the right answer to the question "why Business Yogi?"

As per our research, business failures, delay in getting results, not meeting any business goals, or any kind of business breakdowns are the outcome of the space, energy, and time one has or maintain!  However, when one is being busy with the day-to-day life he is blind to this fact and so do not have access to his own space, energy, and time!  The more it is blind, the less the chance to transform!

One can accelerate the rate of acceleration in business performance, by creating powerful Space, Energy, and Time (SET). So “when you get SET, you get set!”   To achieve this, one needs to have powerful cognition from the depth of consciousness itself.  He created ‘BUSINESS YOGI®’ to create and deliver this. 

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