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  • Business Yogi® is one who is surrender to the business!

  • Business Yogi® is one who intensely works on his Space, Energy, and Time!

  • Business Yogi® is one who is willing to work beyond his reason, comparison, and illusion!

  • Business Yogi® is one who leaves the space with his own mark!

  • Business Yogi® is one who intensely, profoundly, and ferociously connected to his desires which will reconstitute the body, recondition the thoughts, reinforce the intentions, and refine the intuitions to manifest those desires.

  • Business Yogi is one who constitutes his thoughts and institutes his position and constructs his actions to fulfill his powerful intentions.

  • Business Yogi is a creator who creates and recreates himself to create a creative space that is dynamic, volcanic, and powerful enough by itself to create his creation.

  • Business Yogi is one who is aware of the truth that the circumstances, opportunities and results are occurring in his space such that he uses it, controls it, and influences it to manifest his intentions

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