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When one knows ‘who is a Business Yogi?’ it is just information. When one knows ‘what is a Business Yogi®?’ he or she gets access to produce irresistible, and irrevocable space which has incredible energy to produce unprecedented, and miraculous business results!

The truth is that nobody needs (or looking for) advice but everybody wants results!  The focus of Business Yogi® is on business results! As Dr. Sree says, “what you are looking for, you are not working for!”  Hence, knowing more about the system of a human being is the only access to attaining miraculous results.   Business Yogi® is an approach to cognize and recognize the science of human being and the art of being human!


Dr. Sree calls this as ‘HABIT-Y NOTE’ meaning Health And Business Improvement Techniques through YOGIC Way, Need Of This Era!  The word Yogi connotes and stands for not only just knowing or practicing but also manifesting outcomes.  That is the major differentiation and focus on Business Yogi® Business Coaching. 


HABIT-Y NOTE is something unavoidable for any businessperson.  These HABITs enriches your inner-most-awareness as well as activate and balance all your seven leadership energies.  Eventually, this will help you to end the struggle and stress and start witnessing the business start happening for you!  

It is not about knowing more or working more on the mind.  Unnecessary focus on the mind for anything and everything gives neither any access nor any control for creating higher performance!  However, the truth, Dr. Sree says, “your mind never do mind what do you mind!”  Controlling the mind or controlling through mind is the most difficult thing to do.  It takes a long time to have control over anything when one goes through the mind-route. However, the importance of the mind is neither diluted nor denounced.

‘Bypass Your Mind’ is the ‘mantra’ and the secret of producing extraordinary results!  ‘Bypass Your Mind’ starts from enhancing your spiritual knowledge through knowing the fundamentals of human beings, human life, and business.  It is all about enriching your intelligence and enhancing your intellect.  This unique approach produced miraculous results for many and our intention is to give the same to many more business stakeholders!

Dr. Sreekumar Vadakkeppat, the Business Transformation Coach and Business Mentor from India, first coined the phrase BUSINESS YOGI® during his journey towards business leadership and coaching. 

BUSINESS YOGI® stands for Peaceful Space and Powerful Manifestation.  It is a rare breed with a blend of both Power and Peace!  The possibility is infinite with the combination of Power and Peace!

He has also created BUSINESS YOGI® as a movement to create committed business stakeholders who produce extraordinary results in their lives and business.

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