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Shift Your Mindset and Eradicate Failure

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Unlock the Yogic Secrets to Good Business 

Many think that failure is inevitable and out of your control. 


How many times have you blamed market conditions, unscrupulous people, or simple bad luck for your failure?


It’s true that you cannot control everything. 


However, everyone—even the most successful people— deal with obstacles and negative input from the world around them.


What creates success is how you react to these problems, not avoiding them altogether.


The truth is, if you believe you will fail, you will. If you believe you will succeed, you’ll succeed — even in the most unfavorable conditions. 


It is not the outside world that matters, but the world as you perceive it. 


With over 30,000 hours spent coaching businesses, Dr. Sreekumar Vadakkeppat can show you how to relinquish yourself from the stress of failure and attract growth and abundance into your life.

What You Will Learn in This Masterclass

In The Growth Mindset Masterclass you’ll learn how to shift your mindset into one that naturally attracts abundance and success.  Dr. Sreekumar Vadakkepat has spent years developing his theory and technique, and now he wants to share it with you. 


In this masterclass, you will learn how to:

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Decode Your PTF- Patterns, Thought Currents, and FUD Meter

Your actions and behaviors are controlled by the patterns, thoughts, and fears in your head that encourage failure. Learn how to redesign these to encourage success. 

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Go Beyond FUD- Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubts

Fear, uncertainty, and doubts are not real, but listening to them can cause real effects. Learn how to overcome the barrier of your own fear and access a new world of performance and growth.

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Adopt HABIT-Y— Health and Business Improvement Techniques in the Yogic Way

Your business starts with your, and you are made of your mind and body. Transform your mind and body using techniques found in yoga and spirituality. 

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Utilize TASTE- Tactic Access to Space, Time, and Energy

Business happens inside the space you create for it, with the energy you feed it. Negative energy feeds negative performance. Restructure the way you perceive space, time, and energy to restructure your business. 

..And much more!

Register Now for ₹999