How do you know that you have the natural ability to sell?

Selling do not come naturally for many. However, by nature, it is with everybody!

  • · Do you believe that you are not a good salesperson?

  • · Do you believe that you have no ability to sell naturally?

How do you know that you have the natural ability to sell?

You have the natural ability to sell and when you do so, you do not experience pressure. Your buyer too, does not experience pressure! Moreover, you do not do the hard work or push to sell! Instead, the selling happens naturally! You will know it when they are about to buy it, not when you sell it!

Many firmly believe that effective salespeople are those who know the art of selling! Only those who possess the innate ability to sell attain the level of mastery in selling! The truth is, it is more to do with the science of selling! The art of selling comes after knowing and practising the science of selling!

Look at what few experts say about selling!

“The questions you ask are more important than the things you could ever say!” (Thomas Freese).

Many hesitate to ask, or do not know how to ask, or do not have the courage to ask, or do not have the freedom to ask! What really stops you to ask questions?

“Approach each customer with the idea of helping him or her to solve a problem or achieve a goal, not of selling a product or service!” (Brian Tracy)

Many are busy, serious, and anxious about meeting the target somehow! They get tensed about it and worried about what reason to quote in the review meeting! Their focus is on the selling a solution, or achieving a goal rather than creating an idea! What it takes for you to create the idea that would drive your buyer to buy, without losing focus on your target.

“Great salespeople are relationship builders who provide value and help their customers to win!” (Jeffrey Gitomer)

Almost all salespeople know that relationship building is most important. Many do create and maintain a very good relationship. However, most of them fail to provide the right value such that customers will win! Many feel that they are providing values! When you give the right value, the buyer will close the deal than you closing the sale! What is stopping you to create such a scenario?

“There is no magic in closing! There are no magic phrases! Closing deal is completely dependent on the situation!” (Alice Heiman)

If not creating a situation you are leaving it to chance then you have no access to close the deal! However, why many are not able to create a situation such that the deal closing can happen!

We can go on this way! This is so because understanding selling and learning selling is quite complex! Selling ability is, in fact, a natural ability! Everybody has that ability! However, unfortunately, the more you focus on and work on to develop it, the more it goes away from you!

Teaching people how to sell is mythical whereas transforming what it means to sell is practical and possible! The secret of teaching people to sell is not by teaching them 'how to sell'! Knowing 'how to sell' never made anybody attain the mastery of selling!

The fundamental truth is that one cannot teach people ‘how to sell’ by teaching them ‘how to sell’!

The first step to get into the true world of selling is ‘unselling’!

‘Unselling’ is the process of unlearning whatever you know about selling! ‘Unselling’ is the world of making them buying! ‘Unselling’ works beyond the funnelling system! ‘Unselling’ gives you the domino effect in sales closing! It is never a self-learning phenomenon! In fact, the effective unlearning happens through professional coaching.

Therefore, the first step is transforming what it means to sell is to jump in yourself into a ‘coaching-for-unlearning’ scenario!

Know the ultimate truth that the world of selling is nothing to do with selling!

Welcome to the new but true world of selling – the COMPLETEBLUEPRINT for Effective Sales Closing! Attend this Webinar and start your journey towards sales mastery!

Decode and redesign your ability to create mastery in natural selling!

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