The Unfamiliar World of Commitment!

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

How to be committed to commitments?

Commitment is the promise you give to somebody (including you) to do or not to do something.  It is also a promise to achieve something or to meet certain expectations. 

To fulfill your commitment or goal;

You need to do the work without mistakes or minimum errors:  To do so, you need to observe the work. But, when you observe the work, you cannot do the work! Then, how do you do the work without mistakes and errors?

You need to Plan all the actions that would lead to success: To do so, you need to know the unforeseen actions too. But, since they are unpredictable, you cannot plan!  Then, how do you plan effectively to achieve the goal?

You need to cover the contingencies: To do so, your plan need to be flexible.  But, when you make it flexible, you miss the plan itself!  Then, how do you plan so that you can honour the plan?

You need to promise or declare a future that is uncertain:  To promise firmly, you need to have clarity.  But, when the future is uncertain, you cannot have clarity.  Then, how do you promise to meet your commitments?

You need to know the progress:  To know the progress, you should be able to measure it.  But, when you measure, you will be confronted and lose power!  Then, how do you know the progress and achieve your goals?

You need to know the level of conviction: To know it, you must be able to measure it. But, nobody knows how to measure conviction! Then, how do you know the level of conviction to enhance it?

When you have clear answers for all the above, you will enjoy the journey and fulfill your commitments in life and business!  Remember, if you have not reached the expected milestone in your business, it just means that you are not committed to it!  Some might not agree with it, but that is the truth!

What happens when commitments are not met?

Unfulfilled commitments lead eventually to unfulfilled communications.  Unfulfilled communications create the commotion in the communion amongst people.  This will be evident from the breakdown in their expectation and in the long-run it leads to breakdown in the relationship itself and eventually the relationship itself might break!

If you don’t honor your commitment that relationship is at stake!

Committed to commitments construes a level of communication that constructs great relationships!

When you do not get the desired or planned results in life or business, be known and question yourself your commitment to achieve it!

So far, what you have been doing in terms of commitment has little to do with the real world of commitment.

Let’s be familiar with commitment and be committed to it!

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