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A Program to Transform Your Business

Dec 23th 2020 |  Wednesday | 8.30 AM to 10.30 PM

Revealing the Maths & Science of Business Leadership

Investment: Rs. 4,500/-

Early Bird Offer: Rs. 2,500/-

No growth or slow growth is common but many do not want it!  Are you the one that you want to know your failure before it happens?

Yes!  That is like a super-smart!  Isn't it?  As a Business Leader, you are not accountable to anybody. However, as a leader, you will grow only when you know the unknown! 


What is the secret of you not growing? Know the ultimate secret behind failure! 

Knowing these secrets makes you successful even if you don't want it!

Do you set goals and do take action as per your plan but are unable to achieve the goal as per the timeline set or delay in achieving it?

The truth is that no one is designed to achieve any goal!  Your brain works differently!  Once you understand how your brain works you will have clarity and inspiring access to achieve your goals!

You cannot resist yourself to be in action when you know this!


Are you somebody who is clear about what to do to achieve what you want but your negative thoughts or some negative beliefs come in the way?

This is a common phenomenon!  You will have an opportunity to personally talk to Dr. Sree and get coached by him to do away with your negative thoughts!


Let us know if you have this special request! 

There are many business owners who get confused and tensed about various business-related issues!   How about getting to know the method of handling it powerfully before it impacts your business?

Know the time-tested, most effective, easy to use method and stop getting tensed!  This is useful for the rest of your life itself!  This helped many and we assure you that it will work for you too!

How about leading a stress-free life?

I feel that I need to increase my confidence level to achieve my business targets!   The more I think about it, I am confused!   What do I do now?

It is not a big issue.  Your feeling that you need to enhance your confidence is a positive sign!  There is one super easy exercise that we found useful for so many business owners!

Knowing this makes you work towards your target!

I went through enough training and guidance!  I spent on mentoring too!  Nothing is working!  What do I do now to be successful?

Bow and arrow is not a weapon if it stands alone!  Similarly, you have the power like the arrow but missing the bow!  Know how to activate your potential and use your power in your favor!

Know this powerful access to transform your life forever!

What else you can learn quickly from this program?

  • Three aspects of Business Leadership

  • Three aspects of Business Management

  • Three aspects of Performance Management

  • 25 Ps of Business Success

  • Case studies on successful business leaders


One last thing... a personal GIFT to you!

You will get the author-signed-copy of the #1 Amazon Best Seller Book



(The never-given clarity in business leadership to unfold solutions for multiple business challenges!)

This is for the first 10 business leaders who sign up for this Business Yogi Flagship Program on Business Leadership!

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