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Find the Perfect Balance in Your Work Life

Download How to Make Your Business & Life Work for You to learn the tips and tricks about running a successful business while keeping the attitude and mindset needed to succeed


Burnout Is the Enemy of a Successful Business

It doesn’t matter if you are a start-up entrepreneur or a large business owner, knowing how to solve problems is key to success.

Many businesses fail because they don’t know how to solve issues when they pop up. Business owners tend to find reasons why things are not going the way they want. Some of the most popular reasons that we hear about why a business failed include:

  • The economy 

  • Business partners 

  • Blaming themselves for issues out of their control


You spend so much time trying to figure out the big picture all at once instead of focusing on more minor issues one at a time. This can lead to a lot of stress and burnout because a lot of your personal time is now spent figuring out why your business is failing. 

Being burnt out on your work is the worst enemy of any business owner. You started your business because you enjoyed what you were doing, but now it seems a lot more like work than you realized. 

Getting into a headspace that tells you to take a step back, stop trying to tackle everything at once, and focus on solving problems on a smaller scale is exactly what How to Make Your Business & Life Work for You will teach you. 

Learn How to Make Yourself Business Ready

How to Make Your Business & Life Work for You gives you the tips you need to keep your business running smoothly while keeping an excellent state of mind. 


In the eBook, you will learn:

Woman at Work

How to create your IS-Statement 

Man Working at Desk

The importance of controlling your space, energy, and time

At the Office

How to attack business problems

Woman on Computer

Why transforming your attitude and behavior is vital for your business

This eBook is written by Business Coach and creator of the Business Yogi brand, Dr. Sreekumar Vadakkeppat. 

Dr. Vadakkeppat has spent over 30,000 hours coaching businesses and was recognized as one of the “Top 10 Most Promising Business Coaches 2020” by the business magazine, SiliconIndia.

If you want a path for your business to achieve incredible performance and results, start by taking the small step and downloading How to Make Your Business & Life Work for You eBook. 


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