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Explode in Sales

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The Sales Coaching Program


Few Facts about Sales!

Know these facts about sales!

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> Salesforce recruitment, based on Process Proficiency is as low as around 10% which results in poor sales performance.

> More than 60% of customers change their brand due to bad service

> Around 50% of organizations are not yet ready to change their business model as per the market needs!

> More than 75% of organizations wanted to shift their focus to closing a deal than training on their sales team!

> More than 50% of buyers decide what they want to buy even before the seller starts offering!

> More than 30% of salespeople admit the fact that closing a deal is getting harder than ever!

> More than 80% of buyers are WILLING to PAY MORE for a greater customer experience

> Around 50% of prospective buyers make impulse purchases when they receive a more personalized experience

> Only around 25% of ideal prospects agree to buy though they had shown interest to buy!

> When 30% of prospects were engaged without the agenda of selling, the effectiveness in closing was 100%!

Level 1

The BLUEPRINT of Sales Closing!

Awakening the Sales Master in YOU!

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The current dynamic market and complex market behaviors demand the sales leaders have a very professional, practical, and process-oriented approach to sales closing.  The art of selling is depending on your prowess on managing and controlling the various Sales Processes (SP) and enhancing Customer Experiences (CX) so that it can lead to successful and faster sales closing!

DSC Level 1 Sales Leadership Program discusses those sales fundamentals that generally never discussed in a normal sales training program.   


​The 'DSC fundamentals of Sales' are based on the basics of the core basic in selling from the current competitive and complex market conditions as well as ever-changing buying priorities and patterns.

Level 2

The Science of Selling!

The amazing science of selling amazes you with multiple avenues!

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Once one is aware of the fundamental changes in sales fundamentals, we see they are eager as well as ready to understand sales in depth.  Selling is an art as well as science too!  At this level, you will know the science of selling!  The relevance of sales skills can be attained from different branches of science viz. Psychology, Philosophy, Brain Science, NeuroScience, Ontology, and NLP.  DSC Level-2 discusses in-depth those science and its relevance in sales.  The science of selling will help you see those invisible doors towards sales mastery. Though these skills are inherent and invisible, it is invincible and indispensable for attaining mastery!

​​It is the most successful and time-tested scientific approach to closing any deal faster than ever. Be it B2C or B2B, the science doesn't change.  While decoding sales success secrets at this level, you will naturally develop a fresh outlook about sales as well as an inspiring relationship and insightful knowledge on how a winning sales engine can be designed to cause incredible sales revenues!

Level 3

The Conversation of Selling!

The conversation that gives you complete control in sales closing!

Conv of Selling.png

Another element of powerful and effective selling is all about practicing.  The more you practice the faster you attain mastery.  The conversation is the key!   


The secret of practicing is having a powerful sales conversation.   One must learn to lead powerful sales conversations for fruitful closing! It is nothing but a way of communication with a definite method and vocabulary.  At this level, you will learn and practice those simple and time-tested methods which are used by sales masters!  The DSC method of 'Sales Conversation for Closing' and simple to understand as well as easy to practice too! 

​How it would be when your conversation makes others to take bold decisions?  How it would be when your conversation can convert big value orders?

Level 4

The Game of Selling!

It makes you thrill and gives you joy in selling!

Game of Selling.jpg

Is selling everything or everything is selling? 

One understands this better through an in-depth understanding of the strategy and structure involved in different games we play.  At this Level-4, you will understand sales better with a lot more clarity when going through these games!   

Moreover, no game exists without having rules to play the game.  So, when we look at sales from this angle, one will understand the rules of sales from the commitment of closing a deal faster!

Level 5

The Rules of Selling!

The Rules that guarantee sales success!

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This is a 'MOCK IT TO MAKE IT' sessions following the DSC Rules in Sales!

As you know, mere knowing will not help you to create mastery in sales!  Application of the new fundamentals, science, game, and art of selling needs a lot of intended and intense practice.  To make such practices easily viable and possible all the said learnings are zipped into 10 Rules.  These 10 Rules are easy to apply in any sales conversations or communications at any level irrespective of anybody you are conversing or communicating with!  This is something unique to make your job easier, enjoyable, and thrilling too!

The program and practice are such that by the end of Level-5 you would have definitely developed and enriched your propensity to create natural selling much faster with more thrill and joy!