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Ask Me More About  Leadership

Right question leads you to the right route!

"Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers!" (Voltaire)

Negative thoughts lead one in the wrong direction.  Why does one have negative thoughts?  Surprisingly, not knowing to ask the right question leads one to negative thoughts!  The intelligence directs one to ask the right question.  The Growth Mindset Masterclass and Leadership DaD Masterclass activates your intelligence and you will have questions to reset your intellect to take the right actions.  This is the purpose of AmmA Leadership Sessions.  

Use this unique leadership masterclass to ask questions to activate your intelligence!  You can participate even if you do not have any questions as others' questions will enrich your thoughts and lead you in the right direction in your business leadership.  So, never ever miss this masterclass.  Knowing what questions to ask is an art!  Get that skill by attending this masterclass.  Once you know what to ask, you enhance your ability to drive your partners and team to success faster.

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  • Your doubts about what did you learn from the Growth Mindset Masterclass:  It is quite natural that you have questions while applying what you learn from this masterclass.  Remember, "your mind never minds what do you mind!"  As the masterclass is an intensive coaching session, it is better to clarify your doubts from your coach himself.  Get questions, get clarified, move faster in your business

  • Your doubts about what did you learn from the Leadership DaD Masterclass:  This masterclass gives you fundamentals, models, and frameworks about both leadership and management about any aspect of business leadership.  Here there are no theories, rather it is all about pragmatic on-ground leadership problems.  Hence, you need support from your coach to create excellence in your ability to lead stronger and faster.  Come and ask questions and lead by example!

  • Questions beyond the masterclass you attended:  There could be another reason that you will have questions about business leadership or you have been facing various challenges while leading from the front!  Hiring a business coach may not be affordable or you are not getting the right guidance and direction from anybody!  Whatever the case may be, get the right guidance from this masterclass!  You are not alone, we are here to guide you and help you towards growth!

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