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At BUSINESS YOGI® School Of Universal Leadership (SOUL), we are committed to starting your growth journey with a powerful and insightful self-discovery journey called TAP - The Access to Power!  TAP program gives you the ultimate clarity and confidence to lead your business to success in a faster mode irrespective of any kind of situation you are in!


TAP program empowers our students to ask insightful questions, explore disciplinary boundaries, and confront conventional ways of thinking, all to discover their own answers that transform their very nature itself!

We invite you to learn more about BUSINESS YOGI® School Of Universal Leadership and discover an education built for you to become a business leader with both power and peace!

Book a call now with Dr. SREE, the Founder of Business Yogi SOUL and start your journey now!


By default, you perform using the Law of Wasted Effort!  Because of this, you feel like wasting more time and resources and not getting the results you dream of as per the speed at which you wanted it.  You blame people and circumstances due to this!


Next, you are driven by the Law of Attraction!  This is a good way of using your energy in your favour.  As you may know, this method is gaining momentum for the last few years.

The transformative learning experiences at BUSINESS YOGI® School Of Universal Leadership are designed to help our participants grow their business faster with the less known secret of the Law of Least Energy!  Through this method, you spend lesser time and resources to get greater results!  This is the method widely used by Yogis and Saints.   However, this is easy to learn through guided and disciplined practices!

The journey of Law of Least Energy starts with the Spiritual Program BYPASS YOUR MIND!  The program prepares the participants to be ready to use the Law of Least Energy!  Here, you move from feeling the glamour of performance to knowing the grammar of performance!

To know more about our BYPASS YOUR MIND program, book a call with our Founder Dr. SREE now!

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Growth Mindset Masterclass

Listen to the participants!

As a start-up business owner or an entrepreneur, are you ...

 • facing situations that they did not want it to happen?
• feeling that it is time to change something so that they could create success in their own way?
• in action and putting all the effort but the results were not happening in line with their plan?
• having more negative results than positives in life and business?

Then begin your leadership journey here!

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